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Passion Turned Into Profession…

I am Tessa!

When going to university I struggled a lot with finding food to eat. Every recipe seemed so difficult, or way out of my budget. I decided to dive deep into cooking, but I wish there would have been easy recipes to help me out, that aren’t expensive, unhealthy or way out of my expertise. With this website I want to help others to get a healthy, cheap and delicious meal on their table!

Easy Recipes

It is my aim to keep all my recipes as easy as possible.

Cooking Tips

Recipes are versatile, I will always provide alternative ingredients for if you do not have the exact ones in your fridge

Save Money

Takeaways in this economy? I dont think so! Save money by making your favourite recipes yourself.

Healthy Food

Of course not every meal needs to be healthy but I try to incorporate vegetables where I can.

My Recent Recipes!

“Making meals from scratch has always seemed too difficult for me, but with Fancy Student Bites I found the courage to get started on my own cooking journey.”

Raymen Fifi